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Port of San Diego - SDMIS
Port of San Diego - SDMIS

Oil Spill Reporting

Anyone causing, observing or discovering an emergency situation, CALL IMMEDIATELY:
(619) 683-6470 or VHF radio, Channel 16
U.S. Coast Guard San Diego

In order to provide protection to the sensitive resources in San Diego Bay, it's essential that every effort be made to prevent inappropriate discharges to the water, and respond to other emergencies that may result in environmental impacts. When such an incident does occur, however, it's critical to make sure it's reported immediately, and to the right agency. The following "user-friendly" guide provides the necessary information.

Provide as much information as possible including location, type of material (if known), quantity, any immediate threat to life or health, and any impacts to natural resources.

If reportable, make the following notifications:
1. USCG National Reponse Center (NRC) (800) 424-8802
2. State Office of Emergency Services (OES) (800) 852-7550

If spill is a Reportable Quantity (RQ), make the following voice reports:
Reportable Quantity (RQ)
Oil (on water) Produces a sheen or discoloration on the water's surface.
Oil (on land) SD Fire Department will advise.
Hazardous Material (on water or land) San Diego or SD Fire Department will advise

Other Important Numbers:
Harbor Police (619) 686-6585
Port of San Diego (619) 686-6200
U.S. Navy Port Ops. (619) 556-1433
USCG Marine Safety Office (619) 683-6470
S.D. Fire Dept/Emergency Services (619) 974-9891
24 Hr. Navy Regional Duty Office (619) 524-2314

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